Monday, April 7, 2008

second time blogger...

hi everyone...this is my second attempt on creating a blog..first one didnt turn up that well..heheh i dont know much of how to do this blog thing..but i'll try my best to do it..insyaAllah...=)

well..maybe i should talk about the blog im thinking of creating here...i guess i could talk bout my interest in photography..n maybe a lil' bit of my love of cooking...(huh! i wish..hahah!!) heheh

adelaide...ive been here for over a month now (yeay..!) and still holding strong for the time being...i actually felt scared of the thought of being all alone in a foreign land..with the voice of my dad always ringing in my ears..(pressure2...) huhuh well..alhamdulillah im still holding on till now...thanks dad..luv yah...

cooking!! never felt very free to cook anything that i like..(n not getting scolded by my mom) hehe miss u ma..i cook pretty good rite here..only 2months being here,n already 2 people told me that i should be a chef..hahah!! when im actually studying engineering! how cool is that?!! hahah!! the touching part is everytime i cook,i always say to myself.."wouldnt it be great if my mom can see me cook here.." everytime i tell u...(even though i know its not that good...) heheh miss u ma..luv u!!

missing all my brothers and sis..n my niece n nephew!!! miss them too...miss playing with them...hearing them laugh...making them cry, n making them laugh again...just makes me wonder how wonderful it is to have children...(my god! im studying n im already thinking of having kids! what the...?!!) huhuh

well..thats all for now i guess...till next time guys..