Saturday, January 9, 2010


hi everyone..

just wanna talk about sumthing less heavy today..(as if i always write about heavy stuff) hahaha!! found a couple of videos up in youtube and they were pretty interesting to me..just makes u think of what music really people appreciate it..or even how it should be appreciated..

these three videos are actually the same song..but only the first song is the original one but played by Cobus..(the video is embed disabled..huhuh)..which makes all of the videos here is the song 'Toxicity' by the band 'System of a Down'..this is one of my favourite bands i might add..=) it goes..try to watch all three in the order that i put it in..just saying...hehe

Cobus does a really good job in his drum cover..but some of my friends say that some songs are best heard the way they were made..i agree..=)

this vkgoeswild lady sure can handle her piano really good! loving her! heheh

this quintet is the best! i love the way they did the song..=)

hope you guys like it too..n maybe i have changed you perception on appreciating music..hehe

that's all for now..