Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduation - Mortarboard throw..

Graduation - Mortarboard throw.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

out of all the graduation photos..this is the one with the most hits..

i'd have to say it is my favourite as well..

just cant wait when its my turn to be on the other side of the camera..=)

wish me luck..heheh


Monday, May 24, 2010

Sufi Farisa..

Woohoo...!!!, originally uploaded by Pheeque.

hi farisa,

hope u're doing good up there in heaven..dont go bullying everyone up there like u did to us k..u need to be nice to everyone now..hehe no more naughty2 k..heheh

i miss u..

im so sorry farisa that uncle fiq wasnt there when it all sorry that i couldnt be there for ur mama..but i know u always pray for ur mama..even when u're up there..having fun..=)

i burst into tears when i called ur mama n she said "fiq..farisa dah takder" (fiq..farisa's gone..) i really cried..but i know..even in that moment..u would have wanted me to be strong..=)

thank you farisa for all the smiles..laughs..tears..all ur life u've made me happy..not once u have failed to do that..

i luv u..

i hope u know that..=)

ur uncle,
Uncle Fiq..


this is the photo of my late niece that passed away on the 16th of may 2010..she's playing with the swing on my brother's wedding day..she looked so happy..but i know she's happier now..=)

she just turned 4 last march..she suffered severe diarrhea which lead to dehydration thus losing her body function..

other posts about farisa from family members..

That's all for now..


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

being back in adelaide..

hi everyone..

being back in adelaide..some of my friends asked "knp tak update blog???"..heheh i just answered nothing to write about just yet..hehe

a lot happened during the holidays..most of them close to my telling!! hahah!!

some of the things that i can share:

1 - went back to malaysia

2 - my bro got cousin got married..a friend of mine got not just yet..hahah!!

3 - doing wedding shoots are hard, tiredsome..n sometimes gets a lil boring coz ur not doing anything else..huhuh

4 - the internship was actually fun! hahaha!!

5 - i got a new niece..born on 1st of feb..hehe sufi fariha her name is..=)

6 - went back to adelaide..

7 - just knew that my mom has a blog! hahah!! Experience is the blog..tells her story of being a teacher all her life..

8 - just bought my Beercan lens..still on its way to adelaide from the US..cant wait!! hehehe

thats all for now folks..

hope its a good enuff update for u guys..hehe


Saturday, January 9, 2010


hi everyone..

just wanna talk about sumthing less heavy today..(as if i always write about heavy stuff) hahaha!! found a couple of videos up in youtube and they were pretty interesting to me..just makes u think of what music really people appreciate it..or even how it should be appreciated..

these three videos are actually the same song..but only the first song is the original one but played by Cobus..(the video is embed disabled..huhuh)..which makes all of the videos here is the song 'Toxicity' by the band 'System of a Down'..this is one of my favourite bands i might add..=) it goes..try to watch all three in the order that i put it in..just saying...hehe

Cobus does a really good job in his drum cover..but some of my friends say that some songs are best heard the way they were made..i agree..=)

this vkgoeswild lady sure can handle her piano really good! loving her! heheh

this quintet is the best! i love the way they did the song..=)

hope you guys like it too..n maybe i have changed you perception on appreciating music..hehe

that's all for now..