Monday, May 24, 2010

Sufi Farisa..

Woohoo...!!!, originally uploaded by Pheeque.

hi farisa,

hope u're doing good up there in heaven..dont go bullying everyone up there like u did to us k..u need to be nice to everyone now..hehe no more naughty2 k..heheh

i miss u..

im so sorry farisa that uncle fiq wasnt there when it all sorry that i couldnt be there for ur mama..but i know u always pray for ur mama..even when u're up there..having fun..=)

i burst into tears when i called ur mama n she said "fiq..farisa dah takder" (fiq..farisa's gone..) i really cried..but i know..even in that moment..u would have wanted me to be strong..=)

thank you farisa for all the smiles..laughs..tears..all ur life u've made me happy..not once u have failed to do that..

i luv u..

i hope u know that..=)

ur uncle,
Uncle Fiq..


this is the photo of my late niece that passed away on the 16th of may 2010..she's playing with the swing on my brother's wedding day..she looked so happy..but i know she's happier now..=)

she just turned 4 last march..she suffered severe diarrhea which lead to dehydration thus losing her body function..

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