Monday, December 14, 2009

Putrajaya Mosque silhouette..

Putrajaya Mosque silhouette.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

love this the colour and the silhouette effect..=)

now im a regular in the surau in presinct 8 putrajaya for subuh prayers..

so one day i decided to take some early morning photos of putrajaya since im up already by that time..

went to the lake club n parked the car there n walked all the way to a small jetty..only then i can have this effect since the sun was coming up from behind the mosque..

felt a lil weird/segan/malu/ashamed walking alone with my camera while everyone else was jogging, power-walking, exercising etc..huhuh


Thursday, December 3, 2009

back in malaysia..

hi everyone..

i am now back in malaysia for the summer holidays..not much of a holiday i suppose..coz i need to do the industrial training thingy for the whole 3 months..boohoo!! huhuhu

dunno how to start this..but this is going to be a pretty emotional post..huhuh

maybe its because i miss adelaide..i miss my friends there..or maybe its just me coming back to malaysia..back to my family..

yeah..bout the emotional thingy..went to the wet market with my sis, her two kids n my lil bro yesterday was just for a short while..bought some fish n veges n went home..on the say back..her eldest kid, farisa, had a lil conversation with her mom..

farisa: mama, jum balik umah tok ayah ekk..
mama..lets go to granddad's house..
kaklong: ok farisa..
ok farisa..
farisa: ok..baguih mama..pandai mama ni..
ok..good mama..mama is so clever..

then i had a look at my sis..she just smiled..from what farisa had said..i suddenly went teary eyed! i dont know why really..but her smile said it all..

at home..i went to the fish pond..just to relax for a bit..everyone was there except for my mom..she wasnt back from work yet..then my mom came home a lil later after that..she sat by me..just silent..

then after a while..she asked me.."knp fiq semacam jer ni..??" i said it was nothing n said i wanna go in to take my camera as an excuse to get into the house..huhuh she could see right through me..went into my room..n just wept like a baby! n i dont even know why!

i was alright again a lil after that..

dont even know how to stop this post..there's no moral of the actual point i wanna send actual reason of posting this..just felt i needed to tell someone..

thank you for stopping by..