Friday, August 28, 2009

Merdeka Night '09 - Group Shot..

love this shot..looks like those band pics on posters..haha!! (dream on..)

has that oldies kinda look as well..hehe


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Merdeka Night '09 - Ayie..

i love this shot..kinda looks like a candid shot..

makes her look cool as well, don't you think?

oh ya..this is shaheeza..we call her ayie..

pretty strange calling her ayie since we usually use 'ayie' for a guys nick name..heheh


untitled 1

u're fat!!

don't pretend ur not..n don't pretend u dont know that..

u keep saying that u play all the sports u play better than some of the skinny people ur age..but that doesn't make u healthy!

u keep saying being happy always wins against being healthy..but how can u be happy when u know that ur loved ones are worrying bout u not being healthy?!

all ur friends always say that ur 'cute' or 'comel' and all that..but deep down inside u know that they just don't wanna say it directly..

u keep saying u'll be alright..yeah right..u have asthma for god's sake! that's not alright! yeah there are some skinny people that still have asthma..but at least it would lessen the effect if u tried to lose weight!

think about it..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

fatherly love...

fatherly love..., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

this is my entry for the monthly competition on the Camera Labs forum.

the title for this month is 'Portraiture'...

so i used my newly bought lens for this months competition..

i hope i get at least one vote..never been so lucky before..hahah!!

hope you guys like it..


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Merdeka Night '09

Hi everyone,

havent posted in a while...been having so much fun lately..with frens and new lens! heheh

right..the merdeka night..heheh had so much fun during the dinner..the week before was pretty busy for me since i had so much work with my project plus i had to learn some p.ramlee songs to perform on the day of the dinner..heheh

cutting to the chase..the was good..not great..but good..coz we played our best but it still doesnt sound rite somehow..dunno why really..hurmm...maybe its the pressure of not practicing enough..maybe....

then..the photo session!! i was like a wild dog being let loose from its cage! hahah!! i was all over the place..i had so much fun snapping here and there..heheh people were shouting for me coz i had the wide angle lens..that made me feel i was appreciated...=)

"tu2!! pggl syapiq! dier ader wide angle!"
"takper2..ramai2 pun leh..syapiq ader wide angle"

hahah!! those were the lines that i heard all night long..n i loved it!! heheh being self-absorbent here..hehehe

here are some of shots that i took during the photo session..=)

hehe..loving the group shots..the lens is made for the weirdness of the pics' distortions too..hehe =)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

my new lens...

hi everyone!!

it has been a long wait for the Sony 50mm f1.8 SAM lens...n i finally got it!! heheh fun3!! cost me 300 AUD..but it was worthis..hehe i bought it on monday..n i know it took me a while to tell you about this..its just that my internet is slow and i just dont wanna do it along! hehe

the big aperture is a great thing to play with..the bokeh is marvelous! sharp pics..great portraits..heheh but the focusing motor is pretty loud..doesnt affect the image quality though which is alright..i actually asked the storeperson again and she said it was pretty thats ok then..=D

some post with pics will be put up later..heheh but you can drop by my flickr page if you wanna see it now..comments are always welcomed..hehe