Monday, September 14, 2009

Adelaide Bazaar Ramadhan '09 - Banana Fritters in the making..

yup! u heard me right..

Bazaar Ramadhan here in Adelaide! hehehe

there were lots of stuff up for sale..ayam percik, nasi lemak, mee kari, char keuy tiow, bancau (bandung cincau), satay, and as suggested by this photo pisang goreng! there are loads more to be honest..

there was even a dessert i have never heard of..lompat tikam..anyone care to explain?? hehe

moving on to the pic..i love the angle to this photo..weird angle but shows what's going on..heheh

the guy in the green shirt is Ringo..we call him that coz he plays the in Ringo Starr..heheh

the girl in yellow is Nina..she has a thing for making cupcakes..n her cupcakes are really good..i can vouch for that..=)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

he has done it again..

hi everyone..

Cobus has done it again..he covered a song and made me an instant fan of the song..hehhe the first time he did it was Avenged Sevenfold's 'Afterlife' Breaking Benjamin's 'Breath' is looping in my laptop! hahaha!! he makes it sound so good! =)

here are both the songs

keep it up Cobus!!


Pre-Raya photoshoot..

hi Everyone!

hehe recently i went for a photoshoot with a couple of my photographer friends for a pre-raya photoshoot..i had so much fun since i get to direct some of my friends/models for the day..heheh

i used my prime lens 99% of the time..coz its more of portrait work..hehe alif had his 70-200mm zoom out and i got to play with it as well! heheh then shefa came along with her canon and alif was kind enough to let her use his Siggy 10-20mm which i used most of the time as well!! hahah!! shefa wasnt familiar with it yet so i gave her some tips coz i have one myself..heheh

now..the pics..hehe some of the shots were the models acting scenes out..heheh

the shot above is one of the this scene - anees gets jealous while watching his BF talking to his ex's sis..*totally fictional*

i love the above shot..i asked to laugh and she only acted out the second shot while the others were real laughter because some of the other models were laughing of her gesture..hehe good timing as well..=)

if you want to see more of the photoshoot, please visit my flickr page..=)

i learned a lot from the to direct to use the light to our advantage..have creative ideas..i will apply what i've learned for my brother's wedding insyaAllah..yes! i get to bully/direct my brother for once! muhahaha!!

heheh that's all folks!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Iftar Ghey SA - Ayen..

this is by far the best of my portrait shot that i have taken with my new lens..

plus..i love the post-processing as well..actually compliments the subject..