Thursday, October 29, 2009

'The Five Greatest Warriors'

Hi everyone!

just finished 'The Five Greatest Warriors' last was really good!! just like matthew reilly's other was action packed and fast paced as hell!! i have been waiting for this book for about 2 years now since its the newest installment of a series...the first 2 books are 'The Seven Ancient Wonders' and 'The Six Sacred Stones'..heheh 7-6-5..hope there's not gonna be a 4-3-2-1 in the series!! the wait is going to kill me!!

love the way he tells his stories..i like the way his main character always thinks fast and use crazy methods to get themselves out of the main characters always show that loyalty to friends is the best gives u the drive to help care for them..heheh i like that..=)

the next best thing about his books (in this particular series) is the say he intertwines the historical events and landmarks of the world to create a very interesting story..much like the transformers movies..the way they used the hoover dam in the first movie and the pyramids in the second movie..

hehehe thats it for now..heheh just wanted to update my blog..havent been in here for a while..hehehe oh ya..i finished the book in 5 days..heheh didnt even break my own record..usually it would have taken me about a week to finish one..hehe the other book that i finished in 5 days was Scarecrow..another book from Matthew Reilly..=)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

hunting the hunter..

hi everyone..

just wanted to share some photos of my photography friends..hehe i like this types of pics..i dont know y really..makes me wonder what i look like when im taking pics..surely not too cute..hahah!!

thats all for now..=)


Friday, October 16, 2009

to lily..

im sorry..

im sorry for not looking after weight to be more exact..which made u mad at me..

im sorry if u hate that i bother u too much..

i know ur busy with assignments and projects and coping with pressure..

im sorry if i called u too much..

im sorry if i sms-ed u too much..

its just that i miss u..i didnt mean to bother u too much..

i just wanted to hear ur voice..even just for a bit..or even an sms..

im sorry...


lily is just a personification of anyone that i dedicate/writing this post could be even u..yes u..its sort of my way of saying 'dear diary'..its the new 'untitled'..lily sounds nice..a lil' mellow..i like it..=)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sunset hunting..

Hi everyone..

just wanna share some photos that i snapped..just going for the sunsets..heheh

the first pic was in glenelg..the model was jube'..pretty nice silhouette huh? i like the colours of the clouds and the sunset..really unique..=)

the other three pics were from moonta bay..i went with some friends..all 14 of us to be exact..hehee got there at noon..went swimming and crabbing all afternoon till sunset..which was the highlight of the trip..hehe (for me and my photographer friends that is..hehe)

heheh hope u guys like it..hehe thanks for stopping by..visit my flickr for more pics..=)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

some faves of my raya shots..

hi everyone..

just thought of putting some of my favorite shots in this month of syawal..

din with his this portrait..the lighting is nice and i like the softness of the picture..=)

i love this shot..i had a chance to play with my friends flashgun..a nikonian i had to press the flash button manually..but it was good fun! great results too i might add..hahah!! need to get myself a flashgun now..haha!!

this is kak nad..with her friends son..loving this the sky in it..the distortion is pretty nice and the angle makes it pretty interesting..heheh

i like this shot..the panning effect is great..but the camera was shaking a bit coz it was handheld..need to get me one of those gorillapod! hahaha!!

this is ayie..some one commented on my flickr saying that she looks like yuna, a singer from malaysia..when i think about it..she does look a lil like her..n she even sings like her! hehehe oh ya..the pic..nice isn't it? haha!!

i love this shot..i like the way i took this pic just on a whim..not really planning it..but i looks good! the color seems to compliment the picture as well..hehe

thats all for now!


Friday, October 2, 2009

on blogging...

hi everyone..

sorry for not updating my blog..hehe truthfully, i have a blog just because i want to read other peoples blogs..hahha!! following my friends' to be more specific..hehe

i like reading what they have to say..bout their lives..bout what their thinking..sharing their experiences..about anything really..i just love reading..simple as that..hehe sumtimes makes us know them a lil closer..n i like that..=)

sometimes what their blogging gives me purpose! as pathetic as that sounds, i still do it..coz sometimes it can strike a chord (or something like that..pretty unsure bout these quoting thingy..huhuh) with me..

again..sorry for not updating my blog..this past 2 weeks has been really hectic for me..full of open houses, raya carnival, going here n there..n most importantly, n i am sure that people would agree with me..not doing any work! (damn it!) i have been delaying my final year project for 3 weeks now! damn3!! huhuhh

oh well...that's it for now..hahha!!