Monday, December 14, 2009

Putrajaya Mosque silhouette..

Putrajaya Mosque silhouette.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

love this the colour and the silhouette effect..=)

now im a regular in the surau in presinct 8 putrajaya for subuh prayers..

so one day i decided to take some early morning photos of putrajaya since im up already by that time..

went to the lake club n parked the car there n walked all the way to a small jetty..only then i can have this effect since the sun was coming up from behind the mosque..

felt a lil weird/segan/malu/ashamed walking alone with my camera while everyone else was jogging, power-walking, exercising etc..huhuh


Thursday, December 3, 2009

back in malaysia..

hi everyone..

i am now back in malaysia for the summer holidays..not much of a holiday i suppose..coz i need to do the industrial training thingy for the whole 3 months..boohoo!! huhuhu

dunno how to start this..but this is going to be a pretty emotional post..huhuh

maybe its because i miss adelaide..i miss my friends there..or maybe its just me coming back to malaysia..back to my family..

yeah..bout the emotional thingy..went to the wet market with my sis, her two kids n my lil bro yesterday was just for a short while..bought some fish n veges n went home..on the say back..her eldest kid, farisa, had a lil conversation with her mom..

farisa: mama, jum balik umah tok ayah ekk..
mama..lets go to granddad's house..
kaklong: ok farisa..
ok farisa..
farisa: ok..baguih mama..pandai mama ni..
ok..good mama..mama is so clever..

then i had a look at my sis..she just smiled..from what farisa had said..i suddenly went teary eyed! i dont know why really..but her smile said it all..

at home..i went to the fish pond..just to relax for a bit..everyone was there except for my mom..she wasnt back from work yet..then my mom came home a lil later after that..she sat by me..just silent..

then after a while..she asked me.."knp fiq semacam jer ni..??" i said it was nothing n said i wanna go in to take my camera as an excuse to get into the house..huhuh she could see right through me..went into my room..n just wept like a baby! n i dont even know why!

i was alright again a lil after that..

dont even know how to stop this post..there's no moral of the actual point i wanna send actual reason of posting this..just felt i needed to tell someone..

thank you for stopping by..


Thursday, November 26, 2009

glenelg jetty..

glenelg jetty.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

loving this shot..

the colours are great! glad to have gone there that day..the sunset was beautiful..

loving the way the clouds seem to imitate the shore line..

went with a couple of friends to glenelg a few days back..didn't even think about my exam this friday..hahah! but did not regret going with them that day..had fun playing volleyball..

good times..=)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

waiting II..

waiting II.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

loving this shot..simple yet the lighting too..hehe

went out on a whim with Chika a couple of days ago to take some pics of the trees around Uni Adelaide..

ended up with no pics of trees whatsoever..hahah!!

came across Acap..he was such a good sport n tagged along with us..he was the model for this shot..=)


Sunday, November 15, 2009


hi everyone!

got myself a new headphone! my previous one is broken wires an all..huhuh pretty was the green Skullcandy Full Metal was really good! i miss that was the in-ear ones..noise cancelling and the bass was crisp! missing it now..huhu

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket

been eye-ing the Skullcandy brand ever since i bought the Full Metal Jacket..i really like the headphones the Agent and Double Agent..even Hesh is nice..huhu too expensive though! huhuh

Skullcandy Agent

Skullcandy Hesh

now..i have the Skullcandy Lowrider..a lil smaller than the Hesh and Agent..but still good! cheaper too! hahaha! sounds really good..

Skullcandy Lowrider

this is the exact same design that i cool is that? hehehe!! my cheek muscles are having a workout from the marathon smiling! hahaha!!

thats all folks!


Thursday, November 5, 2009


MASCA SA, originally uploaded by Pheeque.

meet the new MASCA SA line up..

they are the new faces of MASCA SA..session 2009/2010..

some of them are from last session's of MASCA SA..seems people still haven't got enough of them yet..heheh

this is my fave from all the freestyle shots of the short photoshoot of them..hope you like it too..


Thursday, October 29, 2009

'The Five Greatest Warriors'

Hi everyone!

just finished 'The Five Greatest Warriors' last was really good!! just like matthew reilly's other was action packed and fast paced as hell!! i have been waiting for this book for about 2 years now since its the newest installment of a series...the first 2 books are 'The Seven Ancient Wonders' and 'The Six Sacred Stones'..heheh 7-6-5..hope there's not gonna be a 4-3-2-1 in the series!! the wait is going to kill me!!

love the way he tells his stories..i like the way his main character always thinks fast and use crazy methods to get themselves out of the main characters always show that loyalty to friends is the best gives u the drive to help care for them..heheh i like that..=)

the next best thing about his books (in this particular series) is the say he intertwines the historical events and landmarks of the world to create a very interesting story..much like the transformers movies..the way they used the hoover dam in the first movie and the pyramids in the second movie..

hehehe thats it for now..heheh just wanted to update my blog..havent been in here for a while..hehehe oh ya..i finished the book in 5 days..heheh didnt even break my own record..usually it would have taken me about a week to finish one..hehe the other book that i finished in 5 days was Scarecrow..another book from Matthew Reilly..=)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

hunting the hunter..

hi everyone..

just wanted to share some photos of my photography friends..hehe i like this types of pics..i dont know y really..makes me wonder what i look like when im taking pics..surely not too cute..hahah!!

thats all for now..=)


Friday, October 16, 2009

to lily..

im sorry..

im sorry for not looking after weight to be more exact..which made u mad at me..

im sorry if u hate that i bother u too much..

i know ur busy with assignments and projects and coping with pressure..

im sorry if i called u too much..

im sorry if i sms-ed u too much..

its just that i miss u..i didnt mean to bother u too much..

i just wanted to hear ur voice..even just for a bit..or even an sms..

im sorry...


lily is just a personification of anyone that i dedicate/writing this post could be even u..yes u..its sort of my way of saying 'dear diary'..its the new 'untitled'..lily sounds nice..a lil' mellow..i like it..=)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sunset hunting..

Hi everyone..

just wanna share some photos that i snapped..just going for the sunsets..heheh

the first pic was in glenelg..the model was jube'..pretty nice silhouette huh? i like the colours of the clouds and the sunset..really unique..=)

the other three pics were from moonta bay..i went with some friends..all 14 of us to be exact..hehee got there at noon..went swimming and crabbing all afternoon till sunset..which was the highlight of the trip..hehe (for me and my photographer friends that is..hehe)

heheh hope u guys like it..hehe thanks for stopping by..visit my flickr for more pics..=)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

some faves of my raya shots..

hi everyone..

just thought of putting some of my favorite shots in this month of syawal..

din with his this portrait..the lighting is nice and i like the softness of the picture..=)

i love this shot..i had a chance to play with my friends flashgun..a nikonian i had to press the flash button manually..but it was good fun! great results too i might add..hahah!! need to get myself a flashgun now..haha!!

this is kak nad..with her friends son..loving this the sky in it..the distortion is pretty nice and the angle makes it pretty interesting..heheh

i like this shot..the panning effect is great..but the camera was shaking a bit coz it was handheld..need to get me one of those gorillapod! hahaha!!

this is ayie..some one commented on my flickr saying that she looks like yuna, a singer from malaysia..when i think about it..she does look a lil like her..n she even sings like her! hehehe oh ya..the pic..nice isn't it? haha!!

i love this shot..i like the way i took this pic just on a whim..not really planning it..but i looks good! the color seems to compliment the picture as well..hehe

thats all for now!


Friday, October 2, 2009

on blogging...

hi everyone..

sorry for not updating my blog..hehe truthfully, i have a blog just because i want to read other peoples blogs..hahha!! following my friends' to be more specific..hehe

i like reading what they have to say..bout their lives..bout what their thinking..sharing their experiences..about anything really..i just love reading..simple as that..hehe sumtimes makes us know them a lil closer..n i like that..=)

sometimes what their blogging gives me purpose! as pathetic as that sounds, i still do it..coz sometimes it can strike a chord (or something like that..pretty unsure bout these quoting thingy..huhuh) with me..

again..sorry for not updating my blog..this past 2 weeks has been really hectic for me..full of open houses, raya carnival, going here n there..n most importantly, n i am sure that people would agree with me..not doing any work! (damn it!) i have been delaying my final year project for 3 weeks now! damn3!! huhuhh

oh well...that's it for now..hahha!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Adelaide Bazaar Ramadhan '09 - Banana Fritters in the making..

yup! u heard me right..

Bazaar Ramadhan here in Adelaide! hehehe

there were lots of stuff up for sale..ayam percik, nasi lemak, mee kari, char keuy tiow, bancau (bandung cincau), satay, and as suggested by this photo pisang goreng! there are loads more to be honest..

there was even a dessert i have never heard of..lompat tikam..anyone care to explain?? hehe

moving on to the pic..i love the angle to this photo..weird angle but shows what's going on..heheh

the guy in the green shirt is Ringo..we call him that coz he plays the in Ringo Starr..heheh

the girl in yellow is Nina..she has a thing for making cupcakes..n her cupcakes are really good..i can vouch for that..=)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

he has done it again..

hi everyone..

Cobus has done it again..he covered a song and made me an instant fan of the song..hehhe the first time he did it was Avenged Sevenfold's 'Afterlife' Breaking Benjamin's 'Breath' is looping in my laptop! hahaha!! he makes it sound so good! =)

here are both the songs

keep it up Cobus!!


Pre-Raya photoshoot..

hi Everyone!

hehe recently i went for a photoshoot with a couple of my photographer friends for a pre-raya photoshoot..i had so much fun since i get to direct some of my friends/models for the day..heheh

i used my prime lens 99% of the time..coz its more of portrait work..hehe alif had his 70-200mm zoom out and i got to play with it as well! heheh then shefa came along with her canon and alif was kind enough to let her use his Siggy 10-20mm which i used most of the time as well!! hahah!! shefa wasnt familiar with it yet so i gave her some tips coz i have one myself..heheh

now..the pics..hehe some of the shots were the models acting scenes out..heheh

the shot above is one of the this scene - anees gets jealous while watching his BF talking to his ex's sis..*totally fictional*

i love the above shot..i asked to laugh and she only acted out the second shot while the others were real laughter because some of the other models were laughing of her gesture..hehe good timing as well..=)

if you want to see more of the photoshoot, please visit my flickr page..=)

i learned a lot from the to direct to use the light to our advantage..have creative ideas..i will apply what i've learned for my brother's wedding insyaAllah..yes! i get to bully/direct my brother for once! muhahaha!!

heheh that's all folks!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Iftar Ghey SA - Ayen..

this is by far the best of my portrait shot that i have taken with my new lens..

plus..i love the post-processing as well..actually compliments the subject..


Friday, August 28, 2009

Merdeka Night '09 - Group Shot..

love this shot..looks like those band pics on posters..haha!! (dream on..)

has that oldies kinda look as well..hehe


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Merdeka Night '09 - Ayie..

i love this shot..kinda looks like a candid shot..

makes her look cool as well, don't you think?

oh ya..this is shaheeza..we call her ayie..

pretty strange calling her ayie since we usually use 'ayie' for a guys nick name..heheh


untitled 1

u're fat!!

don't pretend ur not..n don't pretend u dont know that..

u keep saying that u play all the sports u play better than some of the skinny people ur age..but that doesn't make u healthy!

u keep saying being happy always wins against being healthy..but how can u be happy when u know that ur loved ones are worrying bout u not being healthy?!

all ur friends always say that ur 'cute' or 'comel' and all that..but deep down inside u know that they just don't wanna say it directly..

u keep saying u'll be alright..yeah right..u have asthma for god's sake! that's not alright! yeah there are some skinny people that still have asthma..but at least it would lessen the effect if u tried to lose weight!

think about it..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

fatherly love...

fatherly love..., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

this is my entry for the monthly competition on the Camera Labs forum.

the title for this month is 'Portraiture'...

so i used my newly bought lens for this months competition..

i hope i get at least one vote..never been so lucky before..hahah!!

hope you guys like it..


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Merdeka Night '09

Hi everyone,

havent posted in a while...been having so much fun lately..with frens and new lens! heheh

right..the merdeka night..heheh had so much fun during the dinner..the week before was pretty busy for me since i had so much work with my project plus i had to learn some p.ramlee songs to perform on the day of the dinner..heheh

cutting to the chase..the was good..not great..but good..coz we played our best but it still doesnt sound rite somehow..dunno why really..hurmm...maybe its the pressure of not practicing enough..maybe....

then..the photo session!! i was like a wild dog being let loose from its cage! hahah!! i was all over the place..i had so much fun snapping here and there..heheh people were shouting for me coz i had the wide angle lens..that made me feel i was appreciated...=)

"tu2!! pggl syapiq! dier ader wide angle!"
"takper2..ramai2 pun leh..syapiq ader wide angle"

hahah!! those were the lines that i heard all night long..n i loved it!! heheh being self-absorbent here..hehehe

here are some of shots that i took during the photo session..=)

hehe..loving the group shots..the lens is made for the weirdness of the pics' distortions too..hehe =)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

my new lens...

hi everyone!!

it has been a long wait for the Sony 50mm f1.8 SAM lens...n i finally got it!! heheh fun3!! cost me 300 AUD..but it was worthis..hehe i bought it on monday..n i know it took me a while to tell you about this..its just that my internet is slow and i just dont wanna do it along! hehe

the big aperture is a great thing to play with..the bokeh is marvelous! sharp pics..great portraits..heheh but the focusing motor is pretty loud..doesnt affect the image quality though which is alright..i actually asked the storeperson again and she said it was pretty thats ok then..=D

some post with pics will be put up later..heheh but you can drop by my flickr page if you wanna see it now..comments are always welcomed..hehe


Thursday, July 23, 2009

With Love, Down Under Charity Gig

i like this shot..

this is a picture of the band that i was in for the charity gig in sydney..

with the lead guitarist of Flop Poppy..a famous band from Malaysia that came as a guest band for the charity..

learned a couple of stuff from them..which was always a good thing..hehe


Flop Poppy WLDU Charity Gig

Flop Poppy WLDU Charity Gig, originally uploaded by Pheeque.

this is a really good shot..

taken by acis since i was to scared to get to the back of the i cant get to call this mine..*regret*...sigh...

but yeah..had fun editing it..really getting into B&W now..hurmm...


into the unknown..

into the unknown.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

i like this shot...

have that 'sin city' type of look..hehe


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

in adelaide...

hi everyone!!

im back in adelaide!! went to sydney for a couple of days...went there for the NCG n the charity gig in which i had to perform..heheh had the best time in my life there..

first had to be a photographer covering the NCG..but since most of my friends are in the rugby team..i decided just to cover the rugby team..muahahahah!! had loads of fun there coz alif was in the team and he told me to take shots with his camera as was great! i carried 2 cameras all the time!! hehehe his was a canon 400d with 70-200mm f4 attached to it..n mine was sony alpha 200 with sigma 10-20mm...great combination!! great zoom capabilities with great closeups and wide angle shots!

sorry for no previews guys but u can go straight to my flickr page..although..the shots from alif camera is still not uploaded since he is off having a winter trip..i'll give you guys a shout out when i have an update..

next up..the charity gig!! in which i had to perform!! woohoo!! ooops...gone way overboard there..heheh before the gig started..we were all in the dressing room backstage getting ready and psyche-ing ourselves out..while in the of the organisers came in and told us that Flop Poppy was gonna come in and borrow our stuff!! how cool is that?!! i personally have never been that close to a celebrity..heheh then..the performance..i had given my camera to puloh so that he can take pictures of our band..n they were really great shots! i was nervous the whole time of the performance..but adrenaline took over..we rocked the house!! everyone was singing along to The was a great feeling..heheh the crowd even wanted me to jump!! but i didnt..i didnt think they could support me..hahah!!

the next day..i had to say goodbye to my brothers fiancee coz shes going back to i had to walk around sydney all by my sad is that huh?? i went to the fish market..ate a lobster and some fish was de-li-cious..hehehe and paddy's market..then walked all the way to darling harbour..hehhe my legs were killing me but i got some good shots there as well..street performers..a free open orchestra...just a small one though..i then went to george street and walked along there until i got to the bus station..such a long walk..mental note: never do that again..

again..sorry for no previews haveing trouble uploading it in this blog..u can still see them in my flickr page..

thats it for now..


Friday, July 3, 2009


Hi everyone..

the guy from diamonds camera just emailed me about the 50mm 1.8's price is 289 aussie dollars and i need to order it..huhuhu i might just wait till it hits the shelves later this least i can test it out first before actually buying one..hehe

but still in a dilemma though...

a) HVL-f58am flash (AUD599)
b) Sony SAM 50mm f1.8 lens (AUD289)


oops!! i have better things to do for tomorrows paper!! wish me luck people! pray for me!!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tree in Magill..

Tree in Magill.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

its been a while since i posted straight from flickr..

this is my most recent shot..just a tree in the UniSA Magill campus during the night...did it in HDR...looks kinda creepy huh? hehehe

i had to use the side of a lamp post to get the 3 shots for this tripod yet...T_T

hope you guys like it..


Friday, June 19, 2009

in my mind..

Hi everyone..

just wanna share a couple of things that are going through my mind..

1 - freaked bout the exams..coz i have not been studying...

2 - worried bout my project...the machine is not working properly..

3 - nervous/anxious bout playing bass for the gig in Sydney...been practicing like hell but never actually been performing in front of an my dad doesnt actually agree with me going there...again...

4 - lonely without her..coz she's having the time of her life with her fam all around Europe...hope she's thinking bout me just as much...

5 - waiting for new lenses from Sony...went to a camera store a couple of days back, asked the salesperson bout it..says it wont be in Australian stores until July..

thats all for now..take it easy..have a good weekend...


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wants and needs...

a secondary LCD screen for my laptop
to go to Sydney again to rock the house
n ipod touch
to finish of assignments
to get the exams over with
new DSLR accessories!!



Sunday, May 31, 2009

a lil jam session..

hi everyone..

just got home from a friend's house..did so many fun things this weekend..

as usual on a saturday morning..went to rugby practice at west terrace..had loads of fun..n hurts...but wont be continuing anymore coz i dont wanna disturb the official players of NCG with my dumbness of rugby..heheh

then went to Din's house coz we had sumthing planned for that night..hehe we planned on having a lil jam session with me on bass for the charity gig in sydney..i was still uncertain on to go or not to go..but he insisted on trying it out first with i went with it..

we went to Elfer's place that night in 'The Village'..(which was on the top floor mind u..4 floors up! that itself was a workout for me..) i was so nervous bout doing it..even though its just among us, Elfer, and Din..walked into his room..n! its like a small studio here! me,bass in hand(thanks to abg bentara..) was trembling..he had 2 guitars..which was super awesome!! Gibson n Ibanez! Elfer did a lil improv and it was siiickkk....

we started of playing 'the chemistry' by butterfingers..which went pretty good..had a couple of tries..n sounded perfect..(to me at least..)..coz i actually practiced at home with my own guitar..had a couple of adjustments on my side but it was going smoothly..hehe my heart now tells me that i am doing good for now..still unsure though..

second song..'school of rock' from the movie School of Rock..never actually got the bassline for it..had to learn it on the spot from Din..(good thing i am a quick learner..ehem2..)..but it wasnt as tough..played it a couple of times..then sounded good..again!! hahaha!! now im fairly certain that i should be going to sydney..

then since we got tired of playing the same songs..we actually started playing 'Hysteria' by muse..n it was awesome!! now i really want to go..hahah!! wut a surprise huh?? (being sarcastic to myself..)

we had a lil break in the middle..decided to eat in the middle of the night..(which was freaking cold!!) on the way down from Elfer's house..they keep telling me that i have talent on playing bass..(sweet talk i suppose..but stilll..i cant help it..i blushed..hahah!!)

went back home at 2.30 in the morning..slept at Din's house..again,freaking cold!!

so now..i have made up my mind..i will be going to be in the band..and a lil side job as a photographer..heheh

thats all for now..


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sony's new releases..

hi everyone..

i just got news that sony has released new accessories and new DSLR models in the market!! (woohoo!!)

one of the lenses that really caught my eyes was the new sony 50mm f1.8..cant really say much about it..but yeah..the big aperture is what im after..heheh
Sony 50mm f1.8

i'll still wait for reviews since there is already a 50mm f1.4 lens in the market..this lens is much better built by just looking at it..simply stunning..and the aperture is even bigger..but doesnt make much of a difference i think...heheh

Sony 50mm f1.4

if the reviews are good..i'll consider it..coz i still wanna buy the f58am flashgun..heheh like the tilt head and the quick shift bounce mechanism..heheh

Sony HVL-F58AM Flashgun

cant wait for the review of the 50mm 1.8..hope its worthwhile..heheh

suggestions and comments are always welcomed..

thats it for today..


Sunday, May 17, 2009


hi everyone..

this is something that i am not used to..let me tell you bout it..heheh

Story 1...

i went to the UMNO AGM with a friend of mine in UniSA City East campus..was minding my own business coz i came in late..(i came in just for the food to be honest..hahah!!)..when the AGM was over, the eating began..not 2 spoonfuls of mihun goreng, a friend of mine called me..acis was his name..

S1: r u going to Sydney for NCG (national conference and games)???
me: no..y??
S1: u see..we need some photographers to go to get some photos of the event..
me: me?!! (ur asking me?? im so excited..)
S1: there'll be more..i just wanna ask you to join us..u interested??
me: (bummer) well..i have to think first..i dont have much money now..i'll think about it..=)

The end..

Story 2...

a friend of mine commented on my facebook telling that he has something that he wants to talk to me over the phone and asks for my number...din was his name who is playing rugby for the i gave it to him and waited for his call..i wonder what was so important..hurmm..

i went to the movies with 2 other friends, alif n p-dut..saw star trek..and it was the shiz-nit!! hahah!! (always wanted to say that..haha!!) in the middle of the movie din called me, but i didnt answer coz we were still watching the movie..after the movie, i called him up..

me: yo..wassup??
S2: yo..ur going to the NCG rite??
me: not in the rugby team..(coz i trained with them..for a couple of days..just needed the exercise..heheh)
S2: come and support us then..
me: no way! im not spending money to go there again (coz ive been there to see my brother) just to cheer for you guys..
S2: bout this..i already know that u can play the guitar (cos i went to his house and had a lil acoustic jamming session with him..heheh) i was thinking of recruiting u to play bass for a charity gig during NCG..u interested??
me: me??!! (again?!! u asked me?!! im so excited!!)
S2: there'll be more..i just wanna list down who is interested..
me: (bummer..again..) i'll have to think about it..coz im pretty short of cash right acis also asked me to go there as well to be one of the event i'll think about it..=)

The end...

finally..somebody acknowledges my talents..hehe im so grateful...coz i didnt have the same acknowledgements at home..especially dad..when i take snaps..he seems not to like them that much..always asking whats that?? whats this?? wheres the subject? ur angle is off..all that stuff..non encouraging stuff...but i am still grateful for him..coz he bought me the camera..thank you trying my best..same as the guitar business..never encouraging..but i could understand why..the music that i play isnt what he grew up with..but still..thank you trying...

so..back to go?? or not to go??

if i go..i can be an event photographer, as well as play the gig..but i dont have enuff money..

if i dont go..i can pack my things up in peace..coz im moving to a new house this july and the NCG is in july as well..huuhuh



Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hi everyone..i just finished my new watermark that i intend to put in my photos..heheh

its an ambigram..its a form of writing or calligraphy or typographical design (as said by wiki..) of a word that you can read upside down or downside up..(if that's even a word..)..

being a fan of Dan Brown, im intrigued of the ambigrams featured in the book 'Angels and Demons' i made one for myself..


tell me what you think..=)


Friday, May 8, 2009

Peppercorn Circuit Gazebo

Peppercorn Circuit Gazebo, originally uploaded by Pheeque.

this is a photo of one of the gazebos here in mawson lakes..this one is just in the park near my house..

this photo is in HDR...i just got the software from a friend of mine..n i am loving it..heheh

hope there will be more..=)


Monday, May 4, 2009

ghosts of me...

merging me.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

there's 3 of me?? heheh i was playing with my baby again last nite..after my dad left Australia that is..heheh

i snapped 3 photos of the same thing except i changed my positions..then i uploaded it into my laptop and merged the 3 photos in CS3..i saw alif did it and thats how i got the idea of doing this..=) then i edited it in LR2..hehe

hope u like it..hehe


Thursday, April 30, 2009

my dad..

my dad.., originally uploaded by Pheeque.

hi everyone...

this is my dad..he came in yesterday afternoon from malaysia to visit me here in adelaide..=) tomorrow he'll be stayin with me for 2 nights..hope everything goes well..hehe

this shot was taken in glenelg..not at the beach though..hehe

thats it for now..tell me what u think..=D


Sunday, April 26, 2009


ladies n gentlemen..

let me present to you..cobus potgieter..the coolest drummer alive...( me at least..)

here..this is just a gist of his talents..type in cobus in youtube for more of his vids..(if only i can play as well as him..)

keep on rockin on...

and as for the title..i wanna try posting a video on this blog..=)


Saturday, April 25, 2009

vertorama from Sydney Tower

vertorama from Sydney Tower
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vertorama = vertical panorama...

this shot was taken in two for the bottom part and another one for the top..then at home i stitch them together using a get a vertorama..

pretty cool huh?? oh ya..its in sydney..taken from the AMP tower..=)


Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach
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this photo is taken in bondi beach, sydney..

i luv this photo..even when the flare is killing me..n the trees are there..but yeah..still luv it..

i could already imagine them walking down a flight of their wedding dresses..(hahha!! speaking as though im the one whos getting married..hahah!!) but yeah..just majestic..

hope i can get this shot again when the big day comes..hehe =)