Wednesday, March 10, 2010

being back in adelaide..

hi everyone..

being back in adelaide..some of my friends asked "knp tak update blog???"..heheh i just answered nothing to write about just yet..hehe

a lot happened during the holidays..most of them close to my telling!! hahah!!

some of the things that i can share:

1 - went back to malaysia

2 - my bro got cousin got married..a friend of mine got not just yet..hahah!!

3 - doing wedding shoots are hard, tiredsome..n sometimes gets a lil boring coz ur not doing anything else..huhuh

4 - the internship was actually fun! hahaha!!

5 - i got a new niece..born on 1st of feb..hehe sufi fariha her name is..=)

6 - went back to adelaide..

7 - just knew that my mom has a blog! hahah!! Experience is the blog..tells her story of being a teacher all her life..

8 - just bought my Beercan lens..still on its way to adelaide from the US..cant wait!! hehehe

thats all for now folks..

hope its a good enuff update for u guys..hehe



prune said...

banyak duit ko beli lens baru...hehe

Pheeque said...

hahah!! lens second hand yang dah discontinued production 10+ thn yang lalu..murah pun aku angkut la.heheh

ihsan_huhu said...

cerite r psl malik sket hahaha

Pheeque said...

lupe la weh..huhuh ko la citekan..hahah!!